Paradyme Productions Recording Studios

Paradyme Productions was founded in 1996 by two Engineer/Producers Jake Johnson and Michael Felbinger who did contract work through various studios across the country. Over the past decade, the company has grown and built a full-serviced production studio in Madison, WI. The goal was to offer artists a comfortable and creatively stimulating environment in which they could perform, and be able to receive creative and technical assistance at all points of the recording process.

The new downtown studios built in 2005 feature state-of-the-art multi-track digital recording equipment and multi-camera digital video equipment accompanied by a staff of professional and technically proficient engineers and producers. Paradyme Productions offers a wide variety of services to artists, performers and organizations with audio/video needs.

Jake Johnson - Senior Producer/Engineer/Owner

Jake Johnson holds over twenty years of experience in the multi-media industry, including fifteen years operating and managing Paradyme Productions. His primary focuses are audio and video production, song writing, engineering, editing and mastering. Johnson also has extensive experience in copyrights, publishing, label relations and artist development. As the company has grown and expanded, he has honed his project management skills and the abilty to work on a wide variety of projects.

Jake has a BBA for UW-Madison, and is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammy's), attending the awards annually. He is a member of the advisory board for Madison Media Institute and has spoken throughout the community on issues relating to the music and multi-media industry. He is involved in various civic, service, and not-for-profit organizations from Optimists International to Movin’ Out, an organization building and sustaining housing for people with disabilities and their families. Jake has produced 2 albums that have won the Prix Dehors de Nous Award(2007,2010), awarded by the Cajun French Music Association for the best Cajun music CD released by a band outside of Louisiana and east Texas. In addition to producing hundreds of projects locally and internationally, Jake has done work for the Jimi Hendrix Foundation, The Shoa Project (Steven Spielberg), Lucas Arts, MTV, Apple, McDonald's, Fender, Millercoors, Honda, Korg, Viacom, EMI, The Dave Matthews Band, Steely Dan, Metallica, Crucial Conflict, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Steve Vai, Avenged Sevenfold and Stevie


Bill Maynard - Senior Producer/Engineer/Studio Manager

Bill has been involved with the multi-media industry on many levels throughout his career. He has been a performing musician, a producer on hundreds of recordings and the co-owner of an independent record label. Bill is now in his ninth year of engineering and producing with Paradyme.

Bill has worked on musical projects with many talented artists such as Orphan Bloom, Sarah Pray, Sajida, Apollo 14, Anna Wang, Kash & Fitted, Marty Finkel, Jessi Lynn, Vince Anthony, Mulligan Stu, Buried Future, Leave the Limbs You've Lost, Anthony Ward, Ruby Chew, Hal Leonard Corp, First Business Bank, Garmin (GPS) and Harman just to mention a few.


Tricia Datema - Engineer/Project Manager

Tricia comes to us from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has been a member of the Paradyme team for over 8 1/2 years. Tricia attended Michigan State University where she realized that she would have to get "hands-on" experience in a professional studio in order to achieve her goals in the music industry. Her favorite type of music can be labeled underground hip hop although she can be found singing in her car to almost anything. Tricia has recently engineered projects with Girls Rock Camp Madison,, Katrina Elam, The Dumb Downs, Mystro and Off Killter so keep an eye out for more of her work to be hitting the scene soon.


Natalie Fores

Natalie Fores - Engineer/Producer

Natalie started studying violin at the age of 6, learning music by ear through the Suzuki method. She also took up the trumpet at age 11, playing in the top bands all throughout middle & high school. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Recording Technology & Music Business from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh. While learning the ins and outs of the recording process and getting a lot of live music experience, she honed her skills as a musician, continuing violin lessons, studying music theory, aural skills and written dictation. She has also spent significant time studying the topics of music publishing, licensing and copyright. She ran live sound for the Titan Underground in Reeve Memorial Union on the UWO campus as well as touring around Wisconsin, Chicago and the Twin Cities with the folk-grass band Dead Horses.

Natalie has since expanded her musical knowledge by learning the guitar, taking up songwriting & working with more artists in the studio; like Oshkosh's Dead Horses, Milwaukee's Nicole Canes, Madison hip-hop artist Johnny, and Girls Rock Camp Madison where she worked as a camp counselor. Her ear, combined with her musical knowledge and calm, comfortable demeanor makes her a valuable addition to the Paradyme team. Natalie is right at home in the studio, producing songs, creating beats, mixing live recordings or playing violin as a guest artist on a track.

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Anthony Weber - Engineer/Producer

Anthony's love for music began at a young age; first taking piano lessons from his grandmother, then picking up the guitar when he was eight, followed by singing in various choirs throughout the years. He enjoys teaching guitar and has been a WSMA State Solo & Ensemble coach for the past three years.

Anthony earned his Bachelor's of Music degree in Recording Technology from the University of Wisconson - Oshkosh. There, he studied classical guitar under Matthew Miller and honed his recording skills under Walter Messner.

Anthony's professional audio background is an accumulation of vocational and educational experience, including: Lead Audio Visual Technician at Oshkosh's Reeve Union, Lead Recordingologist at UWO, and Live Sound Engineer for The Outer Edge Stage. He has recorded various bands in the Fox Valley area at Topsoil Sudios in Oshkosh, WI. He has recently worked with the bands Time is Relative and Mono In Stereo, as well as with various local hip hop artists and vocalists/pianists in need of audition materials.

Jay Lechler

Jay Lechler - Engineer

With a heavy heart, we mourn the loss of a great musician, arranger, engineer, producer, teacher, and friend. Jay Lechler passed away at 30 years of age. He was a brilliant man who lived his life in and around music. Jay was an accomplished musician and arranger who had been involved in music since the age of three.  In addition to holding a degree from the Madison Media Institute for Audio Recording and Engineering, he also taught piano, guitar, and music theory to more than 200 students at the Stoughton Center for Performing Arts.

Jay engineered and produced projects at Paradyme Productions for over two years. He worked with many talented artists including Alton Kelly, Rumba Kings, Rob Dz and DLO, Romey, Taj Ying Lee, the Stocking Stuffers, Jackie Bradley and Patris and Jaylex Lor. He was a dynamic and dedicated collaborator and greatly enjoyed helping people bring their musical ideas to life.

Along with your family and friends, we miss you and your brilliant talents, your unique sense of humor, and your friendship. May you rest in peace.


Our Philosophy

We believe … every customer and every project is important.  No matter how big or how small, we will help you achieve your end goal and give you our best from start to finish.  From the smallest transfer to the biggest multimedia project, we are here to give you our 100%.

We believe … in technology, new and old.  That’s why we utilize the best of digital and analog equipment in our studios.  We spend tens of thousands of dollars every year updating software and hardware as well as buying some cool vintage gear.   Being creative and giving our customers the best options, new and old, to help them get the best sound and visual is paramount to success in this business.

We believe … your time is important. That is why we schedule around your schedule and why our engineers have a reputation for being the fastest in the business.  We work fast so you can save money and get more done with less money.  That is also why we operate by appointment only, and minimize disruptions to your session.  When you are here, we are here to help you, and only you.

We believe … in creativity.  That’s why we’ve created a creatively stimulating space and we’ve surrounded ourselves with creative people.  Our employees are professional artists and along with that comes a creative force that offers up creative input and ideas to make your project better.  Every project is unique and requires a creative approach to customize it to the customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.  Diverse opinion and thought is welcomed and embraced here – what better way to come to an end product that is truly unique?

We believe … in buying local.  From our office supplies, to our equipment, our CD duplication packages and even our personal purchases, we shop locally whenever possible to support local merchants, local businesses, and local producers.  Keeping money local helps keep money in our community and supports our neighbors and friends, uses less energy for transportation of goods, and helps to keep jobs in our area.

We believe … in sustainability.  That’s why we purchase and use recycled and sustainable products for our regular business activities.  From CD packaging to the light bulbs, paper products, and cleaning supplies we use everyday, we strive to use sustainable practices that minimize our carbon footprint and negative effects on the future inhabitants of our planet.  Conveniently located within walking distance of dozens of restaurants and shops, and on several main bus routes, you’ll find our location will let you be green while you’re here.

We are also very proud to now be a member of Dane Buy Local, a network of local businesses encouraging customers to support their local economy. Find more information on their website

Dane Buy Local

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