Audio Books
Paradyme is a full-service audio and video production facility and recording studio based in Madison, Wisconsin. The studio offers services from production to mixing and mastering for projects of all sizes. We have had the pleasure of providing years of reliable and affordable service to hundreds of regional, national, and international clients.
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Audio Books

Audio books are a growing trend in books, and it can be quite affordable for authors and publisher to record audio versions of their books, as there is no inventory or duplication cost for digital distribution, and authors can easily have their books available world-wide. We have recorded and produced dozens of audio books, working with the authors and publishers to find the right voice actor or working with the author/narrator to get a professional and clean audio book.

From a short novel, to a 2000 page instructional manual or memoir, we can help you convert your book into an audio book, by recording, editing, and mastering your audio to standard specifications. Our engineers have hundreds of hours of experience working with narrators to get the best reads recorded and then editing it all together into a professional finished product, and even helping to upload files to the distributors online if needed.

Contact us for an estimate on your audio book project and we can talk about the process and walk you through your needs with you.

Our engineers and producers will help you prepare for a successful recording with tips on style, delivery, and ways to save time and money.  We’ll help guide you through the process whether you are a first time author, a University Professor, a member of the US congress, or a Pulitzer prize winning author (yes, we have worked with all of these clients and many more).