Audio & Video Forensics and Analysis
Paradyme is a full-service audio and video production facility and recording studio based in Madison, Wisconsin. The studio offers services from production to mixing and mastering for projects of all sizes. We have had the pleasure of providing years of reliable and affordable service to hundreds of regional, national, and international clients.
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Audio & Video Forensics and Analysis

Our experienced engineers can analyze audio and video recordings for use in legal matters.  Our audio and video forensics team can help you to clean-up and clarify your recording, remove noise, and sharpen the image, as well as provide transcripts and expert witness evidence and testimony in your legal case.  We have helped dozens of clients with their audio and video forensics needs, often times providing the critical evidence needed in their case or situation from phone recordings, private security recordings, police videos, and other sources.  We’ve done voice identification, edit detection, clean-up and zooming, restoration, timeline construction, and cell phone audio and video analysis including metadata.  Please contact us to discuss your specific AV forensics and analysis needs.