The Paradyme Team
Paradyme is a full-service audio and video production facility and recording studio based in Madison, Wisconsin. The studio offers services from production to mixing and mastering for projects of all sizes. We have had the pleasure of providing years of reliable and affordable service to hundreds of regional, national, and international clients.
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The Paradyme Team

Jake Johnson / Founder, Senior Engineer, & Producer

Jake Johnson is the senior producer/engineer and owner of Paradyme Productions, an award winning recording studio and production facility in Madison, Wisconsin.  Jake has been nominated for multiple Emmy awards for his audio work and has won multiple accolades including producer of the year, studio engineer of the year, numerous albums of the year, and dozens of songs of the year awards in genres spanning from Rock to Hip-Hop to Country, R&B, Pop, and Folk.  He is an voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammy’s) and actively supports the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA), and has engineering and production credits on over 500 nationally released albums and over 3000 songs for hundreds of different clients, as well as dozens of audiobooks and commercials.  Jake is also an expert analyst and does forensic audio and video work with Paradyme Audio & Video Forensics for legal cases.

Jake started recording in the 1980’s onto analog tape and was a part of the digital revolution in recording, doing beta testing for companies designing audio software, and updating systems every few years to keep up with the rapidly changing technology.  Jake has been a panelist at various music conferences across the country, has worked with musical artists big and small from across the globe, and has taught and mentored many students through academic recording programs.  He is the author of multiple books about recording, technology, engineering, and production.

Yeekeng Yang / Audio Engineer & Producer

Yeekeng is an audio engineer/producer who has been with Paradyme Productions for over 4 years.  He is a graduate of the LA Film School where he earned a degree in Recording Arts, learning from many industry professionals. Yeekeng specializes in recording, mixing, producing and arranging for rock and pop acts and has worked with many hip hop artists. He is also an experienced singer/guitarist/keyboardist and composer and has worked on hundreds of projects with solo artists and bands.

Kieran Wallace / Audio Engineer

Kieran Wallace is an experienced musician who is dedicated to the arts, primarily playing his trumpet in a variety of different settings – jazz bands/combos, wind/symphonic ensembles, and indie/pop bands. He has performed on stage and in pit orchestras in varying productions as well as doing behind the scenes work as a pit orchestra director, lead sound engineer, and stage crew member. He joined the Paradyme Productions team this year after graduation.

He holds a degree in Music Liberal Arts from St. Norbert College and a Masters in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation from Berklee College of Music. His breadth of musical experiences make him well suited for many recording & production settings, as well as arranging horns, and composition.  He has worked with many ensembles, bands, artists, and authors.