Paradyme is a full-service audio and video production facility and recording studio based in Madison, Wisconsin. The studio offers services from production to mixing and mastering for projects of all sizes. We have had the pleasure of providing years of reliable and affordable service to hundreds of regional, national, and international clients.
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Creative / Professional Audio

We pride ourselves in serving a full range of clients. We excel at giving our corporate clients a premiere service but also love to rock out and work with artists to put their creative imagination on record.

Audio Branding

Audio branding is the approach of using unique, proprietary sound and music to convey a brand’s essence and values. Just as visual branding defines a brand using color and shape, audio branding defines a brand through sound and music.

AV Forensics

We’ve had the pleasure of working for numerous firms on multiple legal cases, let our professionalism and expertise serve you! Click here to learn more.

Video Production

Whether in the studio or on-site, Paradyme can aid you in every step of the video recording and production process. From broadcast advertisements to music videos to video content for your website, our engineers and producers will guide your project from concept, through shooting, editing and post-production.

Multi-Track Recording

Multi-Track Recording allows for several layers of instrumentation and vocals to be recorded into the same project. With full digital capabilities and unlimited tracks, multi-tracking allows endless possibilities to what can be added to a song and the flexibility to get the sounds you want through layering and overdubbing.


Mixing is putting together all of the individual pieces of your mixes into one final work. Through leveling tracks, adding effects, individual EQs,spacial positioning, grouping channels, compression, and processing, the mixing process enables our experienced engineers to manipulate all of the recorded tracks of your project to achieve a high quality professional final mix of your work. We can even mix songs that you have recorded at home to give them that professional edge.


The mastering process is the final professional touch that sweetens the sound of your final mixes, and prepares your sound files for duplication. Noise reduction, overall EQ, and proper leveling. Making your tracks radio ready and professional is why mastering is such a key process.

Original Music Composition

Some of our customers need music for their works, and we offer songwriting, composition, & arrangement services to help them. Whether you need an original beat for your new song, custom music designed around your melodies and ideas, or a string arrangement for the bed in a broadcast advertisement, our producers can help you by writing and recording music to meet your needs.

Music Publishing

Through our BMI affiliated publishing company, we can help artists by publishing their music. Ever wonder how people make money by owning copyright in their songs? Publishing is the answer – by registering your works and assigning a publisher, you can get paid for your material through radio plays, use in television and movies. This is also how songwriters market their music to national artists – and there’s no financial cost to do so. Any serious musician should look into getting their music published, preferably by a professional publishing company.

Audio Editing

From re-mixing an original song to rendering instrumental mixes and editing music and voice for advertisements or instructional audio, the engineers and producers at Paradyme Productions can help you with any editing needs you have. We have literally thousands of hours of experience in audio editing and know plenty of “tricks” to get an edit to sound natural. Thanks to the latest in digital audio technology, we don’t need to splice tape to do so!

Audio & Video for the Web

Multi-media on your website can help improve your branding and search engine optimization (SEO). Paradyme can create or convert custom media for the web; including music, podcasts, audio books, streaming videos, and downloadable content that can be incorporated into your website or intranet.

Digital Archiving

We are often contacted by people who have an old recording on vinyl, reel-to-reel, or cassette tape. We can take those old recordings and transfer them to CD or any other format you like, and do some restoration on your audio – removing pops, hiss, or glitches. Additionally, we can digitally re-master the recording, resulting in a clearer, better sounding end product.

Live Remote Recording

We have a portable studio set-up that allows us to bring the studio to you. In the past, we have recorded live concerts, church and school choirs, holiday programs, instrumental recitals, and conferences. If you have a concert or event that you’d like recorded, we can bring our latest in remote recording technology, and provide you with CD’s of your special event.

CD/DVD Duplication

We offer a full range of duplication services to meet any of your needs. From making 10 copies of your original music on CD-R to replicating 10,000 retail ready CD’s with artwork, printing on the CD, assembly, and overwrap. Contact us for a quote on your specific project.